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Wooden 3D Clicking Building Blocks Puzzles Stress Reliever

Wooden 3D Clicking Building Blocks Puzzles Stress Reliever

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Warning: Children need to play under the guidance of their guardians

Style: Clever board/puzzle

Recommend Age: 25-36m,4-6y,7-12y,12+y

Puzzle Style: 3D PUZZLE

Origin: Mainland China

Material: Wood

Gender: Unisex

Brand Name: DZQ


1. This toy is very difficult. The manufacturer does not have a disassembly manual, so the buyer needs to explore the challenge by himself.

2. Only when the parts are disassembled, the order of the parts is disrupted and the parts are re installed can the challenge be considered successful. Businesses recommend to friends who like to challenge the difficulty.

3. When leaving the factory, they are all assembled manually, please don't worry about disassembly. Don't disassemble violently, there should be enough space to disassemble.

4.The size and weight are measured by hand, with 20% error

Using Bone-Conduction Technology, its sound reinforcement effect generates vibration on different surfaces to create the most immersive sound experience in a mini speaker.

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