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Waterproof Phone Pouch Case/Cover

Waterproof Phone Pouch Case/Cover

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Type: Other

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Y003

Material: PVC

Item: Waterproof Phone Pouch

Feature: waterproof

Feature: Waterproof

Color: Orange,Blue,Black,White,Yellow,Pink

Brand Name: FGHGF

Summer Luminous Waterproof Pouch Swimming Gadget Beach Dry Bag Phone Case Cover Camping Skiing Holder For Cell Phone 3.5-6Inch

Products description


Super clear and transparent design makes it portable, durable and practical.    

100% sealed Waterproof (20 meters deep),dirtproof. 

The product can make you use your phone or digital camera underwater,touch the screen,take photos.

Colorful Waterproof Phone Case

Unique Technology

The durable Universal Waterproof Case Bag features a strong rope buckle, a secure swivel lock, and dual-sided clear windows providing security, dependability, and ease of use. This allows you to snap photos, send texts, or respond to emails without removing your device from the case.

Feel at Ease

The airtight Universal Waterproof Case Bag does not interfere with your active outdoor lifestyle. Feel free to participate in your other favorite outdoor activity without leaving your device behind or worrying about protecting your device.

Enjoy the Fun

We believe that the protection for your phone should not limited by weather. Whether you are diving, boating or skiing, this waterproof case gives your cellphone most intimate care. No more worrying about dropping your phone in the snow or water, just enjoy the 

As fingerprinting and button is unavailable when using this case, we suggest you to wake up your phone by power button or "Raise to wake" function: Setting-->Display & Brightness-->Raise to wake-->ON


Material :Made of high quality durable sealed PVC

Suitable for mobile phone Size: 3.5 inch -6 inch (universal all models)

Color: Blue,Black,Yellow,Orange,Pink,White

Package Included

1 X Luminous Phone Pouch

1 x Lanyard

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